9th Annual
Earth Day Art Contest

The Board of the Dowdell Public Utility District (DPUD) is committed to providing quality water. An important job of the district is to increase the public's awareness to conserve water. As a Water Smart partner with the Association Water Board Directors-Texas, the water district is committed to conservation efforts. The Dowdell PUD desires to engage as many of its youth as possible so that water conservation efforts are real and sustaining.

In late 2010, Dowdell PUD approved an annual Earth Day Art Contest with water conservation as its theme. In the spring of 2011, the First Annual Dowdell Earth Day Art Contest was held and the award winners were presented ribbons and congratulatory letters from Dowdell PUD.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Dowdell PUD will hold its 9th annual Earth Day Art Contest. The contest is being changed in that only elementary students will participate. The decision was made because very few senior high and junior high/intermediate had participated over the years. With this change, Schultz Elementary School will PILOT the newly revised contest. Students who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each grade (1-5) will be honored with ribbons, and congratulatory letters and their art will be placed on display via this website. Additionally, the first place winners of each class will be judged as the overall champion and will receive-

  • Overall 1st Place: Medallion and a $250 gift card to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s
  • Overall 2nd Place: Medallion and a $100 gift card to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.
  • Overall 3rd Place: Medallion and a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

We hope as many students will compete in this year's contest.

After 2019, two additional elementary schools will be invited to participate that are part of the water district.

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9th Annual: Let's Conserve Water and

Celebrate Earth Day Art Contest

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Deadline for the 9th Annual CONTEST is April 10, 2019!

**You could win up to $250

**See your teacher for more information!

The Art Contest is sponsored by the Dowdell Public Utility District in an effort to get Neighbors to conserve water.

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Contest Rules and Application Form

Art Contest Winners

Senior Division

Blue Gold
By: Luz Ramos

Klein Oak High School

Conservation Station
By: Kara Haylock

Klein Oak High School

Everyone Needs a Home
By: Sabrina Rodriguez

Klein Oak High School

Preserve the Future
By: Mason Burrow

Klein Oak High School

Intermediate Division

Tomorrow's Sorrows
By: Nicole Haylock

Krimmel Intermediate School

Elementary Division

Every Drop Counts
By: Arantza Reyes

Schultz Elementary School

Fix the Leaks
By: Bryce Haylock

Schultz Elementary School

Save Our World and Water
By: Sterling Hendrix

Schultz Elementary School

Use a Broom, Not a Hose
By: Trinitee Cobb

Schultz Elementary School