Bond Election

Bond Election
May 5, 2018, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Schultz Elementary, 7920 Willow Forest Drive
Tomball, Harris County, Texas 77375

  1. What is Dowdell Public Utility District?

    Dowdell Public Utility District is a 1,195 acre entity that provides water, sewer, security, and drainage services in Willow Forest, Sections 1 & 2, Willow Dell, Sections 1-3, Miramar Lake, Sections 1 - 3, Creekside Place, Sections 1 & 2, Willow Trace, Sections 1 & 2, Wildwood Glen Sections 1 & 2, Willow Lake Village, Preserve at Miramar Lake, Vintage Creek, Willows Edge and Willow Bend Subdivisions. The District also serves several schools and businesses, including the Grand Marketplace.

  2. What is the purpose of the election on May 5, 2018?

    The purpose of the bond election is to obtain voter approval for $75,000,000 in bonds to be issued in various increments in the future. The bonds will pay for rehabilitation and improvements in the District, and reimburse developers for payment of water, sewer, and drainage facilities for new developments.

  3. Does the election mean that tax rates will increase in the District?

    The Board of Directors of the District is committed to maintaining the same level tax rate or reducing the District's tax rate whenever possible. The District makes every effort to use bond funds to do expensive upgrades, to avoid water and sewer cost increases to residents.

  4. How are the facilities?

    The District’s water and sewer systems are currently in good condition and meet all state and federal standards. Hurricane Harvey forced a few expensive repairs, some of which were reimbursed by FEMA.

  5. When and where is the election?

    Schultz Elementary
    7920 Willow Forest Drive
    Tomball, Texas 77375
    8am to 4pm Weekdays between April 23 and May 1, 2018

    Schultz Elementary
    7920 Willow Forest Drive
    Tomball, Texas 77375
    May 5, 2018 from 7am, to 7pm

    Anyone who is a registered voter residing in the District may vote in the election.

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  7. If I have questions in the future, whom may I contact?

    Please feel free to call or email the District’s attorney with questions.

    G. Taylor Goodall, Jr. , Attorney, 713-652-6500 or e-mail:

Thank you for your interest in the District and your participation.

The Board of Directors of Dowdell Public Utility District:
Jerry L. Nelson, Allison Copony, James J. Bertus, Christopher Kotran & Danny Staab